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In an age where almost everything seems to be computer designed or punched out of a mould, it's good to know there are craftsmen who still build guitars with their hands. Tomkins Custom electric guitars and basses are built by such a craftsman.

Gary Allan plays his Tomkins Guitar Pick up a Tomkins Custom. Turn it over in your hands. Examine the craftsmanship, the detail, the colour, and then play. Tomkins guitars are mostly constructed from exotic Australian hardwoods and softwoods that give unique sound and tonal quality. No guitars like this ever rolled off a production line. These are handmade. One at a time. And they're unique. You may never have heard of Poplar, Tasmanian King Billy Pine, Blackwood, Queensland Silky Oak or Coachwood, but once you've played a Tomkins Custom, you'll appreciate the unique quality of these extraordinary timbers. Our lightweight bodies give mellow, soft sounds. Our hardwood bodies give a bright, sweet sound you'd join a line to hear.

To make the sound of a Tomkins guitar more individual, we combine timbers. The result: a sound that only a handmade guitar can produce. Our colours are unique too. Every guitar is finished in premier quality, nitro-cellulose lacquer, so that the finish on your Tomkins will endure for years - and resist scratching and abrasion.

Each guitar is crafted by Allan Tomkins, a musician for more than 30 years. That's why our guitars feel comfortable and familiar. A Tomkins Custom guitar gives you options in color, hardware, style, and body facing. Our pick guards are usually finished in handcrafted leather.

Dale Watson with his Tomkins Guitar
You always have a choice - that's what 'Custom' is all about. All of our tuners and bridge assemblies are premium quality. The majority of our guitars have 21 fret necks. Our classic style, six string guitars have either two or three pick-ups, all well known brands.

Tomkins Custom guitars. The balance is right. The feel is right. And the sound is superb.

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