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Tomkins Showcase Volume One

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  Pick up a Tomkins Custom guitar or bass. Turn it over in your hands. Examine the craftsmanship, the detail, the colour, and then play. No instruments like these ever rolled off a production line.

Pick up the album Tomkins Showcase - Volume One. Turn it over in your hands. Put it in your CD player and then play. Listen to the craftsmanship, the artistry, and the diversity. No artists like these ever rolled off a production line.

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The guitarists...the singers...the songs...

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01. JAKE LARDOT - South of Earlwood 3:33
02. GRAHAM G TOOLE - Ain't It A Wonder 3:18
03. AUDREY (WITH DALE WATSON) - Jackson 2:53
04. CHRIS STAFF - Western Thunder 3:15
05. THE BONDI CIGARS - Key To Your Heart 4:28
06. GEOFF 'Tangletongue' MACK - I've Played Everything! 1:28
07. ALLAN CASWELL AND DAVE SKINNER - Lady, What's Your Name 5:12
08. PHIL EMMANUEL - Georgia On My Lap 3:38
09. KEITH GLASS - Sleeping Through The Storm 3:41
10. ROSCO - Canefield Seas 4:05
11. WYLIE & THE WILD WEST SHOW - Murrumbidgee Boogie 2:48
12. BOB HOWE - Diamondtina Yodel 2:00
13. JOHN ROBSON - You're Never Gonna Break My Heart 2:56
14. DWAYNE ELIX AND THE ENGINEERS - I'm A Honky Tonk Daddy 2:27
15. LYN BOWTELL - Sweet Summer Rain 3:03
16. WALDEN DAHL - Girl Thing 4:13
17. GARY BROWN - Waterman P.C. 2:43
18. ROB WILSON - She's My Girl 2:43
19. RAY DOYLE - I'm Goin' To Hell 3:04
20. GLEN BAIN - Una Hermosa Noche 3:57
21. ALBY POOL - Somebody Else's Lovesong 3:09
22. L.B.W. (Laurie Allen/Bernie O'Brien/Warren Keats)- The 'For Buck 'n' Me' Polka 2:17
23. ACE FENDER - Heart Of Stone 3:10
24. HILLBILLY HEAVEN - The Original Tomkins 2:12

Compiled by Bob Howe, Keith Glass and Allan Tomkins.
Cover photo and liner notes by Bob Howe
Photos by Bob Howe, John Elliott, Terry Phillpot, Lou Farina and many others.
Design by Julie Doel.
Thanks to the artists, labels and everyone involved
who were all so generous with their talents.

Dedicated to the memory of our friends:
Ace Fender (1946 - 2001) & Laurie Allen (1942 - 2002)

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