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Glenn Skarratt

Glenn Skarratt

" I've played across several musical genres, moving between acoustic blues, country, jazz, bluegrass, Irish and rock. I play fingerstyle acoustic guitar, flatpicking guitar and mandolin as well as country and blues electric guitar. Over the years I've played in or with many bands including Mark Lucas & The Deadsetters, The Badhats, The Parwills, Handpicked, Didjeridu Dingo, Stoney Creek (now Wildseed) as well as the odd gig with Karen Lynne & Acoustic Shock, Nicki Gillis, Southbound, Tall Timbre, Simply Bushed, The Harmonators and others.

You can catch me playing around Sydney (and elsewhere) with Bryen Willems and The Bayou Boogie Boys, Simon Watts, The Jimmy Rush Project, Handpicked, String Theories and sometimes I don't really know what I do but I'm busy doing it. "

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