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'The USA 2008 Showcase Concerts'

was a huge success at the Sheraton Hotel, in Downtown Nashville
from June 2 to June 9 inclusive, from 4.00pm to 8.00pm each day.
They also made a big noise at the Full Moon Saloon on Broadway
and the Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar in Printer's Alley.
If you missed them, look out for their return in 2009!
Tomkins Guitar Showcase, Nashville 2008
Pictured above, some of the gang in the Sessions Lounge at the Sheraton,
left to right: Bob Howe, Sharnee Fenwick, Paula Bowman (Jetty Road), Tracy Killeen, Lee Bowman and Julian Sammut (Jetty Road),
Allan Tomkins, Sandra Humphries, Henry Czerwonka.

Jetty Road
Jetty Road love Tomkins!
Simon Ross, Lee & Paula Bowman, Julian Sammut, Rusty Cochrane, Ben Cant

Henry Czerwonka, Mike FriedSandra Humphries
Henry Czerwonka, Mike Fried and...   Sandra Humphries

Sharnee Fenwick
Sharnee Fenwick with her new guitar
on her 21st Birthday with Peter Figures (drums)

Tomkins Guitars
Pick a guitar...

Surprise guests:
Bob Howe, AUDREY AULD, Allan Tomkins
Bob Howe, AUDREY AULD, Allan Tomkins

Jake Kelly with his Tomkins twin-neck and Chad Harvey
Jake Kelly (with his Tomkins twin-neck) and Chad Harvey

Mike Fried, Tom Buller and Brandi Christiansen
Mike Fried on steel with
Tom Buller and Brandi Christiansen of Just Plain Trouble

Wayne Horsburgh
Wayne Horsburgh yodelled up a storm!

At the Full Moon Saloon on Broadway:
Allan Tomkins, Peter Figures, Travis List, Bob Howe
Allan Tomkins, Peter Figures (drums), Travis List, Bob Howe

Travis List and Bob Howe
Travis List and Bob Howe

At the Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar in Printer's Alley:
Jody Maphis Jody Maphis
The view from the sound desk where
Jody Maphis often joins in with his Tomkins guitar!

Brandi Thornton
Brandi Thornton gets the crowd boppin'
while Hunter and Tray-C warm up the Tomkins guitar & bass.

Bob, Sharnee, Peter, Allan
Bob, Sharnee, Peter, Allan and the guitars...

Jetty Road
Jetty Road raise them up while the crowd gets down...

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